Have A Unique Experience With An Improv Show

Are you tired of the usual night out activities? From dancing to movies, there are various activities that you can share with your friends, co-workers, or loved ones. If you are tired of sitting in a dark theater watching a movie or want to find a new and exciting activity when you go out. You should consider taking in an improv show in Chicago. If you love a good comedy whether by watching a movie, television show, or a live theater. You can experience a once in a lifetime show when you take in an improv comedy act.

How Improv is Different from Other Comedy Shows

From movies to television, these comedy shows are all scripted out. The actors that perform them each learn their lines and add their comedic style to their role. With a scripted act, you can expect to see the same material used at each show. While an improv is not scripted and requires the actor to think on their feet. They are provided with their material in different ways such as drawing from a list of character and events or their audience providing them with the information. The unique style of this type of show will provide a different act each time the actors hit the stage. It is not information that they prepare for and remember, it is a role they have to come up with on the spot.

Check Out a Show at a Well-Known Comedy Club

If you are looking to line-up a night filled with unpredictability and laughter, consider visiting one of the longest standing comedy clubs in Chicago. The Second City is well-known for featuring numerous talented comedians. From a sketched play to improv shows, they host a variety of events to cater to anyone’s needs. If you are looking for a unique activity that can leave you in tears from laughing so hard, you do not want to miss out on one of their shows. Go to The Second City for detailed information.

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