Are Your Fully Prepared For Your Festival?

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Arts and Entertainment

Everyone has been there. Hyper-excited and raring to get into the festival mindset. The sun is shining and you’re on your way to your favorite festival in Rockland, NY, a time you look forward to every year. As you approach the main entrance, you realize you have left your tickets at home! Calamity strikes and you have to turn around. There are few things as annoyingly frustrating as this, that’s why it’s crucial to plan for your festival in Rockland, NY, well in advance. Below you will find a short inventory of must-haves to bring to the festival!


This should go without saying, without your tickets, you will simply not be allowed to enter the venue. No matter how much you plead and beg the security at the gate to let you in, they rarely do. The only thing you can do is turn around and go home, or call the head offices who sold you the tickets and see if they will help. Always bring your tickets!


If you are traveling overseas, or even just a few states over, you really need to bring your ID. Most festivals require some form of ID to gain entry, even if you do have a ticket. This is done to prevent minors from getting into the festival grounds. Sometimes it’s required to prevent ticket fraud. For example, you can’t get access to Glastonbury if your ticket and ID names don’t match.


If you don’t know the roads you are going to be traveling on, you need to bring some maps. You might be able to get away with your smartphone for a few hours, but sooner or later the battery will run dry. Taking paper maps may seem out of date in today’s high tech world, but will save you from potential disaster if you have one handy.

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