Finding a Great Wedding Venue in Long Island

Planning your big day might seem overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. With the right venue and the help of experienced staff, every detail of your wedding can be fine-tuned exactly the way you want it – leading to a perfect day. Here are some factors to keep in mind to help you choose when it comes to deciding between Long Island wedding venues:

So you’ve chosen Long Island for your wedding; you’ve already made an excellent choice! Long Island offers beautiful landscapes with stunning waterfront views. Windows on the Lake is a great venue offering panoramic lakeside views, waterfalls, and gardens in which to host your ceremony.

Deciding on the style of wedding you’d like will help direct your choice of venue. Now that you’ve chosen Long Island as your location, you’ll want to narrow down several other factors:

  • Formal vs. informal
  • Evening wedding vs. daytime wedding
  • Traditional vs. modern or unique

By consulting with professional wedding planners at each venue and asking questions, you should be able to determine which venue is the perfect place for bringing your vision to life. Some venues might not offer as many customization options, and thus might not be the best choice for certain types of weddings.

Attention and Compatibility
Windows on the Lake prides itself on its “one bride at a time” policy. This means that only one wedding is catered to at a time, so that all of the attention will be focused on you and your needs. A venue with this type of policy, that offers full and specialized attention to your event is the best choice if you’re looking for the utmost levels of service and perfection.

Food and Beverage
Consider what type of food and beverage you will want at your wedding. If there are special dietary restrictions or cultural meals required, then not every venue may be able to accommodate. It’s recommended that you make a list what you’d ideally like to serve, weigh all of your options, and then get creative with your menu–whether that means offering a banquet style dinner, a buffet, or just a cocktail reception with a sumptuous variety of hors d’oeuvres.

No matter where you choose to have your wedding, close attention to your needs and the ability to fine tune and customize your wedding is key. The above tips can provide a good baseline for beginning your search for that perfect venue of your dreams.
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