Special Moments and Lasting Memories

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Weddings

A memorable wedding is all about the details and setting. If you are looking for a location to bring your special day to life then St. Thomas is your destination and the St Thomas Honeymoon Packages are amazing honeymoon bundles they have too. Both are treasures you will remember for years to come. The beauty of an island wedding sets the scene for romance to reflect your eternal love. Allow yourself to be swept away on one of the most important days of your lives. The natural beauty and spectacular scenery make a perfect back drop for your wedding day. Allow the wedding planning team of Keya’s Exquisite Touch care for all your wedding dreams right down to the time of day you exchange your vows; they create morning, afternoon or sunset ceremonies. Keya’s Exquisite Touch wedding services keeps you the customer involved every step of the way through telephone and email corresponding.

There is a selection of exquisite island locations to choose from so you can make your fantasy wedding and honeymoon a reality. Imagine a castle wedding high on a hilltop providing you with a magnificent view as the sun begins to set. Or picture your wedding in a beautiful garden and gazebo with the fragrance of the flowers filling the air creating intoxicating emotions. These are just a few examples of the wedding venues they can create for your special day. All of your questions and planning are handled with great care at affordable pricing that varies based on your budget and your wedding vision. They offer existing wedding packages and the option to create your own.

With your wedding being held in one of the most romantic places; also consider St Thomas Honeymoon Packages for your honeymoon. The romance of the Virgin Islands is an intoxicating unspoiled natural beauty and an amazing place to wake up to and explore with someone that you love. The islands are filled with many historic churches, sugar mills, sandy beaches and more. There are world markets for shopping and cultural must see sights like the pirate history of the islands. Have the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams in a tropical paradise. Contact them today to find out more.

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