Feeling Stressed? Come See Standup Comedy in Jacksonville

Standup comedy in Jacksonville area is the best way to beat the blahs. Making the choice to take a seat in a comedy club can actually improve your health! Of course, it is also a good way to improve your night, but comedy is also good for your health. A few years ago, a group of experts spent a lot of effort studying the positive effects of laughter. One study, and this is not a joke, sat down 20 healthy adults and made half of them watch something that was not funny and let the other half enjoy a comedy show. Then they took saliva samples and analyzed the data. The “humor” group was found to have less cortisol (stress hormone) in their saliva than the “non-humor.” This can be interpreted to mean that standup comedy cuts down on stress!

The Experts Say- Laugh More
Those same experts say that people of all ages should:

  • Find something to laugh at every day
  • Seek out humorous entertainment shows
  • Laugh out loud (not LOL but a good belly laugh)

Laughter burns calories, reduces stress and makes you look more attractive (maybe that one was made up). People gravitate toward laughter. Laughing with a group is far better than laughing alone. Gathering with people that are laughing increases the happy vibe in the room, which will make you laugh harder.

Exercise Your Funny Bone
Go get tickets to the Comedy Zone and exercise your funny bone. Feel better, reduce stress and look better (okay, probably still made up).

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