What You Need To Know About Cord Cutting

When we refer to cord cutting, all that it means is canceling your cable television services. The practice of cord cutting has been gaining popularity over the last decade, partially due to the switch from broadcast signals from analog to digital. Things have only accelerated with the advent of antenna DVRs, streaming services, and more. If you are considering cutting the cord, we’ll provide some information about how to do so and what your cord cutting options are.

Options for Cord Cutting

There are a few different products that are mandatory or optional when it comes to switching from cable to streaming. The major items include a television antenna, a DVR, and various streaming services.

  • TV Antenna – This provides you with live television, local news, and some of the most popular television programs available. The antenna does not require streaming, and the content is entirely free.
  • DVR – With a DVR, you can record and pause live TV, skip commercials, record a show while watching another, and set timers to record your favorite shows. The DVR works with your television antenna.
  • Streaming Services – When you want to watch cable shows, a streaming service provides that for you. Examples of streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, Premier Stream TV, and more.

Broadcast Television Shows

If you purchase and install an antenna, you will get all the major broadcast stations. This includes CBS, ABC, FOX, PBC, NBC, and the CW. In addition to that, you will also get any channels that are local to your area. This might include shopping networks, classic television, children’s programming, movies, and news.

Cable Television Shows

When it comes to streaming services, you can find both past and current seasons of television shows. However, every service has different shows available, so it requires some research to determine the best option for you based on the shows that you most enjoy. Click here to know more.

Local and Cable News

Your television antenna will provide access to local news. You’ll also get broadcast news shows such as Good Morning America, CBS Nightly News, and ABC World News. Cable news is not available with an antenna, however, many popular channels have free apps with free clips, access to news shows, or live streaming.

Cord Cutting Options

When you’re determining what services fit your needs, be sure to check out the options at Premier Stream TV.

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