Unavoidable music

Life in music:
Music is the wonderful art form of sound. Rhythms, pitch, harmony, tempo and articulation are the various elements of music. Music is the medicine for everyone. It helps us stay calm and helps our disturbed soul recover from an otherwise stressful life. Music gives peace of mind. It touches the core of your heart. There’s a great saying “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. Music is like poetry in air, it’s like a pleasant smell which is unbearable to resist .The world is full of music and its present all around us. The songs are the outlet of once feelings in the form of a rhythm. The world is a very quite and a meaning less with out existence in music. It appeals subconscious mind of every person living in this world. The life with out music is the world with out oxygen.

Soothing music:
There are so many different types of music. Instrumental, trance, country, hip hop, pop, techno (fashion music), avant (fusion of classical and experimental music), rock music (voice accompanied by guitars, drums, piano, saxophone etc), opera music (combination of theatrical and musical invention, basically conveys a story), jazz (violin, trumpet and cornet instruments are mainly used), classical (involves ragas), rap etc. Each and every type of music leaves its own stamp in the history of music.
In the present generation there has been wide exploration on the genres, styles and sounds giving rise to many more varieties leaving the objective same. In the present day time listening to music is a must to divert from mental stress. With out music life would be a big mistake. Music is what the life sounds like. Music is played in every happy situation in life which helps in improving the party or any memorable moment stay with us for ever.


Unavoidable Music

Unavoidable Music


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