Things To Do In Chicago-The One You Can’t Miss

There is one thing to do in Chicago that is uniquely Chicago! You might hear about pizza, like you can’t get pizza anywhere else, or you may hear about the Lake, sure the lake is nice, but there are lakes all over the world. There is one thing to do in Chicago that you cannot do anywhere else. You can visit the birth place of improv. You can catch a show in the hallowed halls of one of comedies original institutions. You can soak in the history, take a workshop and have a great time in one of the most recognized names in the comedy world.

The Hallowed Halls

It may sound a little dramatic to talk about a comedy club and talk about the hallowed halls of this institution but NO other comedy club has had such a profound impact on the comedy genre than this theater. It has turned out more popular, well-known comedians than any other institution. You can walk through the theater doors and feel the presence of all the headliners that have been there before you.

Uniquely Chi Town!

There are a couple of other cities where this club has branches but Chicago has been its home where it was bred since 1959. This club has helped to put comedy on the map and sets the vibe for the comedy scene in the windy city. Every upcoming comedian aspires to stand on the stage and every comedian that has studied and worked there comes back to pay homage to their humble beginnings.

It’s an Institution

When visiting, you would be amiss to not have this club on your list of things to do. It is not only an institution to the world of comedy but it is an institution for the city! Stop by Second City and catch a show!

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