The Many Benefits of Listening to Jazz Music in a Social Setting

There are a multitude of studies that show the many benefits that listening to music has to offer our brains, bodies, and emotional well-being. While the type of music certainly plays a role in just how beneficial music is to the human body, Jazz music is among one of the best and most fun genres to indulge in.  Typically, when you think of healing music your mind immediately thinks of strictly instrumental works that some people may find boring; regardless of its healing or calming attributes.

Jazz Music is an Art Form that Makes You Feel Something

The beauty of Jazz music is that it incorporates many of the instruments one would hear in typical classical music, but in an enhanced and upbeat manner. The upbeat style of jazz music provides its listeners with the same stress reducing benefits as other types of music, but in a happy and social atmosphere. This is particularly true when attending live Jazz, or Swing music concerts and shows. There is something truly touching about art of Jazz music, as the feeling of the band and vocalists seem to reach out and touch their audience.

Skip the DJ and Attend a Live Show

The energy of truly feeling the music creates a positively thrilling effect to its listeners. If you are feeling a bit bored with the usual night out on the town, consider looking for live jazz musicians and bands that are playing in your area. The best female jazz vocalist – Sylvia Brooks is a wonderful artist to start with. Her sound and style has been known to mesmerize her audiences, and speaks to the hearts of all who listen. Check out her website for a list of upcoming shows, or to book her for your next event.

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