Standup Comedy On An Entirely Different Level

If you have not seen the standup comedy at Chicago’s historic comedy club you have not seen real comedy.  Standup is one of the most popular forms of comedy is standup. Standup comedy when done in the improv form can be so exciting because it is never scripted and you never know what to expect.

Improv Comedy

Standup is one thing, improv is a completely different experience. Improv is an art form that requires the performers to think quickly on their feet. It is a completely entertaining experience for the audience and many times for the comedians.

The Home Of Improv

If you want to really experience improv at its best you have to go to where it all started. There have been many imitations but there is only one original. If you want to really experience stand up as it was met to be you have to go to the club that really brings it to life.

There are many clubs that bill themselves as the “must see” shows when you are in town but they pale in comparison. You want the club that not only hits a homerun every show but the one that is world renowned for hitting the homeruns every night. You have to go to the source to really get a feel for what REAL standup and improv looks like.

Where to Go

Don’t be fooled by the imitators. Go straight to the source and:

   *   Visit a club that has made history

   *   See where the legends of Improv got their start

   *   Become part of the history by taking a workshop

The one and only historically relevant comedy club is The Second City. Anyone that follows the career of comedians knows that this is the spot where many of the greats got their start. When you want to raise the bar on standup entertainment you go to The Second City and also follow us on Twitter.

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