Some of the Famous Female Pop Singers

Female pop singers are quite common. When you look at this, you will find that there are many famous ones that exist. Some of them you might know and others you might not know. This is something you might want to read to see if you notice any of them. When you look at this, you might find that there are a few of them you might want to check out and be introduced to their style of music.

Many know Gwen Stefani. She has wowed many people with her attire as much as her singing. Some of you might This is just one that is on the bottom of the list. She is worth mentioning due to the fact that she was one of the more well known ones.

Disney had it right when they made Ashley Tisdale a star that has their brand. Not only does she look great, but this Mickey Mouse  Club member is something to talk about. She is one of the more recent female pop singers that is out there and young too, but many preteen and teen girls look to her and follow her music as they love her voice. They also did it right with Selena Gomez. Many know her because she was the girlfriend of Justin Bieber. However, when you listen to her music, you can’t stop yourself from bopping your head and singing along.

American Idol is one that has helped some female pop singers to get their career started. Kelly Clarkson is a name that many have heard. She is also one that won American Idol and has delved into this sort of music. She’s pretty good too with some award winning songs too.

Many of you also know Jennifer Lopez. Back in her day, she used to sing some amazing pop music. She is one of the many female pop singers that we would love to have back. However, we think that she is having fun creating fragrances and clothing as well as acting. You can’ t blame the girl for that.

Mandy Moore was a name that many knew back in the day. She has some pretty good tunes as well however this female pop singer did last for very long. She went into acting a bit. Many can remember when she played in the heartthrob movie A Walk to Remember. However, after that, you don’t see her around very much. Some might say that her music was okay and if she doesn’t sing, then that’s okay. Harsh, but everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. These are a few of the new and the old female pop singers out there. There are many more than that who have become an idol for many women both young and old who have gone to do more than just sing.

Looking for popular female pop singers? Sylvia Brooks is a female pop singer performing in the Catalina/Jazz Bakery circuit in Los Angeles


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