Music – Origin of music videos

An artist finds solace when he is with his canvas and paints and the world is his to paint. A writer finds comfort when nothing stands between his thoughts, his pen and paper. And so is the case with musicians. The instrument and them and music flows in the form of magic.


Music then…
Music is an art form similar to that of painting, writing, sculpting and the synchronization of rhythm and sounds have existed since man first came into being. Although music as an art originated a long time back and has evolved vastly over the years, have you ever wondered about the origin of music videos?
Scratching your head already? It seems almost unbelievable that even less than 30 years ago, people would only listen to music and not watch the singer/artist perform. Unthinkable, yes, because today, artists owe their careers to music videos as they can impress the audience not just by their vocal talent but by their looks and moves too.


MTV and music videos
MTV (music Television) was the hand that led forward the rise and growth of the phenomena, that is, music videos. As MTV was a 24-hours a day music channel, that is used television as its broadcast medium, videos became a must. As MTV’s popularity grew, so did the popularity of music videos. The first ever video played on MTV in 1981, was ‘The Buggles’ track – Video Killed The Radio Star’. With music videos now ruling the roost, artists began realizing the impact they could have on their career’s.

Music videos created a particular image of the singer, for example, Madonna was portrayed as sexy and fun in her videos and this image stuck to her. She used this to her advantage and along with the singer Madonna, the image Madonna began to sell, making her music all the more popular.

Music videos are now important as the song and the music created, often deciding the career of a particular artist. Collections of the greatest hits are sold on DVD’s and many watch their favourite songs on mute as they consider the music video an art form in itself. The birth of music videos also gave to rise to a new category of directors – video directors.

Music aficionados however firmly believe that music videos may have enhanced the viewing experience but what makes this art form take on the air of magic, is the music and lyrics itself. And we say amen to that.

Music Videos

Music Videos



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