Giving Your Event The Ultimate ‘Wow’ Factor

Few things are more exciting than arriving at an event and being presented with a magnificent stage and all the features of an extravagant affair. Before any concert or huge gathering there is an air of excitement as the crew get to work, sometimes days in advance, to prepare the setting for an unforgettable experience. Anyone who has attended an outstanding concert knows that most of the experience came from the staging of the event. If the theatrics are not in place, if the sound quality is poor, or if your vision is impaired, the best bands in the world or the most impressive speakers fail to hold your attention. Instead, you might become frustrated and annoyed – particularly if you’ve parted with hard-earned cash to attend the event.

Staging Is Everything
Whether you are planning a large or small event, it is the initial impact that will create an immediate atmosphere amongst your audience.  As people arrive, it’s important for them to pick up the vibe of the show, and the first thing they’ll do is to look around and take in everything that has been built. Most people are not concerned with safety, as this is something they take for granted, but there have been enough accidents at events to ensure that organizers take this seriously.

While glamorous custom stages have powerful visual impact, those arranging the function need to have peace of mind that all the working parts of the design are well constructed and conform to the highest safety standards.  Customs stages need to be backed up with the highest standards of quality. The company you work with needs to understand more than design – it needs to be aware of weight, loads, support, and crowd safety.

Part of the impact of an outstanding event is to have spectacular custom stages. Contact Gallagher Staging for the design and construction of magnificent settings.

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