Get in the Swing with Classic Jazz Singers

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While today’s music tends to be convoluted with angst, tawdry lyrics that reach a point, but don’t quite get to the heart of the music, jazz remains a powerful genre with melodic conceptions and tangible phrasing. Classic jazz singers had and have had a way of bringing forth raspy smooth, poetic lyrics that can also transform into entertaining gibberish scatting. Jazz simply adds a layer of complexity and texture to any performance. Some of the greatest jazz singers had a way of doing just that and could bring you into a world of jazz that was pure magic.

Frank Sinatra and All That Jazz

During the swing era, Frank Sinatra started his career singing with big bands like Tommy Dorsey’s. In the 40s he garnered a large and popular following when he started to act in musical films. Some of his first musical films included Take Me Out to the Ballgame as well as It Happened in Brooklyn. By the 1960s, Sinatra “was a full-fledged member of what was called the “Rat Pack”. The rat pack was a popular group of singers that included Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. Sinatra was able to bring jazz to the forefront with his impeccable performances within his best-selling albums.

The Vocal Virtuosity Ella Fitzgerald

Known as a female jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald had a unique a singing ability that was called a scat singing style. She could also imitate different instruments with just her voice. Her jazz singing career spanned nearly 60 years, giving her the opportunity to dazzle audiences with her music. Today, her technique and vocal timbre cannot be matched.

The Talented Trumpet Player Louis Armstrong

Although Louis Armstrong was more famously known for his trumpet playing, he was quite the talented jazz singer as well. He had a raspy and warm voice that simply delighted his listeners. He was also likely to indulge in often humorous singing known as scat singing. He brought great joy to his music which has given him the moniker father of modern jazz.

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