Enjoy the Game from Wrigley Field Rooftops of Chicago

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Arts and Entertainment

With a cozy and comfortable setting and limited seating capacity, you have a better opportunity to have a once in a lifetime game day experience at Wrigley View Rooftops of Chicago! Leave the stress of the stadium crowd at the gate and enjoy a more intimate and personal day with friends and fellow fans.

Multiple Entertainment Options
Whether you are mingling with other guests, visiting with fiends and family, or closing a business deal before the opening pitch, you will do it like never before. All food and beverage access comes included with your ticket access and there are no long lines to wait in either so you will never miss that amazing play down on the field!

Business Done Differently
More and more businesses are choosing Wrigley View Rooftop for their business meetings, corporate workshops, brainstorming sessions, and important deal closings. With a relaxed yet professional atmosphere and the opportunity to relax and watch a game after the meeting, attendance and productivity can be at an all-time high for once and people can get excited about business meetings and seminars once again. Gone are the boring boardroom meetings where half the people do not attend and the others barely seem interested in what is being said. Chicago business meetings today can be productive and memorable with Wrigley View as the venue!

Make Reservations Now
At Wrigley View Rooftop in Chicago, they will work with you to fill any need you have and no matter what event you have planned for the Rooftop, they will make sure to cover all the bases! From making sure you have all the equipment you need to run your meeting to helping ensure the décor is perfect for your event the event planning staff has years of experience with large and small events and can help make yours one you will remember!

Contact them at 773-673-9898 and book your event today!

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