3 Famous Jazz Singers

Here are 4 of the most famous classic jazz singers. From the times of early swing and jazz, jazz instrumentalists and singers have influenced one another’s melodic conceptions and phrasing.

Louis Armstrong: 8/4/1901 to 7/6/1971
Better known for his playing of his trumpet, Armstrong also was a skilled jazz singer. His raspy, warm voice delighted crowds, as did his often-funny scat singing. The joy Armstrong brought to music is partially what permitted him to be thought of as the father of modern-day jazz.

Johnny Hartman: 7/13/1913 to 9/15/1983
Hartman’s career never completely attained the peak his talents warranted. Even though he recorded with Dizzy Gillespie and Earl Hines, he was better known for the record Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane (1963, Impulse!). Johnny Hartman’s lush voice complemented Coltrane’s yearning melodies. Even though he had trouble with his solo career, the outstanding record earned him a unique distinction amongst jazz musicians.

Frank Sinatra: 12/12/1915 to 5/14/1998
Sinatra started his career within the swing age, singing along with the big band of Tommy Dorsey. All throughout the 40s he acquired a massive following, and started to star in musical movies, like Anchors Aweigh. Within the 60s, Frank was a ‘Rat Pack’ member, a circle of artists which included Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. who performed in films and on stage. For the following several decades, he extensively performed and recorded best-selling records.

Ella Fitzgerald: 4/25/1917 to 6/15/1996
Fitzgerald’s virtuosity equaled that of be-bop artists. Ella developed a distinct scat style of singing, and has the ability to imitate multiple instruments using her voice. Within a career which spanned nearly 6 decades, she wowed audiences with her approach to both popular songs and jazz.

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